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Anatomy common to any staircase design:

Rail (and rail fittings)
             Skirts and Risers

    Open Tread Design

Both of these photographs display a partial tread with the walk path carpeted (or soon to be), full hardwood treads (not shown) also qualify if specified in either of these design anatomies.  These two photos also display an iron baluster, which with any design is also possible with any wood baluster. 

Anatomy specific to an open tread design:

Landing Tread


This is an open tread, on an "over the post" rail design.

This is an open tread on a "post to post" rail design.


    Curb Wall Design

Anatomy specific to a curb wall design:

Curb Caps and Shoe Rail

Both of these photographs show a fully carpeted staircase.
The use of full or partial hardwood treads with a curb wall design is possible.


This is a tall curb wall "over the post" design

This is a short curb wall "post to post" design



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