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Text Documents:

Staircase design and material check list   51KB 

Wood Finishing Tips for Staircase Millwork   65KB

R311 & R312 of the 2003 IRC   (code text only by permission)  36KB  ***
R311 & R312 of the 2006 IRC   (code text only by permission)  48KB  ***

'03 and '06 IRC SMA visual code interpretation   (external link to SMA codes and standards page)

Curved stair tread run & splay calculation chart   155KB

Graphics Documents:

Curb wall drawings  (cross section view)   41KB

Typical stairway configurations  (plan view)  220KB

Rail profiles  (cross section actual size printed 100%)  63KB
Typical landing detail  (cross section view)  307KB
Typical curved stair  framing  (plan, elevation, details) 2991KB
Typical stair moulding profiles   (actual size printed 100%)  211KB
Typical rake elevation  (detail elevation view)  53KB

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2003 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings,
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2006 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings,
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