a couple of specific things to note about this particular stair...


"All rising to a great place
 is by a winding stair"
- Francis Bacon

Did you know?

The curved staircase that ascends to the right has it's design roots that go a   long way back in history.  The Old Testament declares that in Solomon's temple (970 b.c.) "they went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber" (KJV/ASV, 1Kings6:8 right or left unknown). Helical staircases are found in many ancient ruins dating to the earliest written records that we have. The design became very popular after the dissolution of the Roman Empire as a method of defense during the Middle Ages. Most all aristocrats from our ancestry had circular stairways that descend to the left (dextral) in their castles.

   why dextral?
        The theory

 An enemy who got over the outer walls of a castle still had to take the fortress.  This Helical (curved) Dextral (ascending right = descending left) stair design gave the defender of his castle the greatest advantage. These entirely stone stairways in a castle were typically walled in on both sides, very narrow and easily blocked.  A single armed man could keep a small army at bay from the landing due to the fact that the attackers had to ascend in single file.  The noble defender is better positioned above his attackers with his right foot on the widest part of the pie shaped treads, left hand bracing against the center shaft wall (no railings back inspectors) and was afforded the room to swing his sword with his strong arm (assuming of course that he was right handed).  Successful attackers needed to be left handed, very strong, and with a sure footed sense of balance to take the castle's upper chambers.

Today...most real estate agents can't explain why a house with this right ascending (dextral) curved staircase will sell faster than the house with a left ascending staircase (sinistral).  They always have...  Maybe it's just in-grained in our psyche due to our ancestry?  Maybe it just looks great?  Ask an agent and hear what they have to say.

Also...this curved design (right or left configuration) is one of the safest stair designs possible due to the fact that any accidental falls while descending are slowed or arrested by the outside radius walls or balustrade. The fastest way down is a straight line!
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